Santa Cruz Chameleon test ride

I really wanted to like the Santa Cruz Chameleon… but I didn’t.

It’s light, really stiff, and climbs really well (on tarmac or manicured trail/path). Going downhill was a different story – it was super skittish and the rear end *never* stayed down – felt like I was riding a pogo stick.

Specialised Body Geometry gloves

I like well-padded but not unwieldy mtb gloves and these are the best I’ve found. Was great to find a replacement pair as the velcro on my old ones had given out – which is why I’d avoid gloves (or anything actually) with small velcro closures.

Unfortunately a) hard to find, and b) not quite as comfortable as the pair they replaced due to the different padding design and composition.

A short trip through the Colinton Railway tunnel

The Colinton Tunnel was built in the 1800s as part of the Balerno branch railway line. Muralist Chris Rutterford has been brought in by the Colinton Tunnel Project to paint murals along the 140m tunnel.

You can get to the tunnel by following the Water of Leith cycle-path.