Apple TV, Apple TV, Apple TV, and Apple TV+

Apple TV, Apple TV, Apple TV, and Apple TV+

Dustin Curtis has a wee review of just how confusing Apple TV (and associated apps/ecosystem) really is.

(After 8 paragraphs of spot-on analysis of how confusing the AppleTV ecosystem is…) Other than that, though, Apple TV is relatively straightforward.

I find Apple TV (i.e. the hardware) relentlessly confusing post recent updates. I see previews of films and don’t know what app they’re from – Netflix, iTunes? It’s prettier and looks flash but is confusing as hell. To me anyway. We just click away and hope for the best, which is frustrating.

People who say Apple software is easy to use – well, I don’t think they use it very often.

How to block ‘third-party’ cookies with Google Chrome

Google is getting very good at hiding some browser settings, and so much of the online advice on managing cookies is out of date. You could search the help in Chrome, but there are no results for ‘third-party’* and if you go to Clear, enable, and manage cookies in Chrome help page you’ll find several mentions of third-party cookies, but no instructions on how to mange them. So.

Go to Chrome’s cookie settings page – paste “chrome://settings/content/cookies” into the address bar in Chrome.



Click the toggle for ‘Block third-party cookies’.


*Third-party cookies are those set by advertisers, trackers, and other websites that have a financial interest in tracking your online behaviour.

On Ive and Apple – or not everything is or was perfect

Jony Ive Leaves Apple, Ive’s Legacy, The Post-Ive Apple

It won’t be the end of the world now that Jony Ive’s left Apple. It feels like he left a long time ago. Hopefully at some point there will be an objective view on his role – increasingly overstated, not as impactful as advertised might be my summary.

You can’t get around the fact that while the hardware (across the line) is pretty impressive, the software’s not advancing at the same rate – and a fair amount of it is actually pretty poor – if we’re allowed to be honest with each other.

Why can’t I download “free” apps on my iPhone?

You can’t participate in the Apple app ecosystem without two things: an Apple ID, and a valid credit/debit card linked to that ID. That’s right: you can’t get ‘free’ without having credit first.

If you’re setting up a new phone and your Apple ID is linked to another Apple ID via ‘Family Sharing’, you’ll also need the Family Sharing account owner’s credit/debit card expiry date and CCV number.

That’s right: your ability to use your phone with your credit card may depend on you having someone else’s credit card details.

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