Tech: Why can't I upload photos to Strava on iOS?

Strava has a feature that allows you to upload photos to either document your ride, help you remember where you were and what you were doing, what conditions were like, etc. But sometimes when you try and add photos you get this – a blank screen – but you can still select missing images…?

Missing Strava images

Are you using iCloud to store your photos?

If you are using iCloud to store photos what’s happened is iOS has helpfully pushed all your images up to the cloud – so when Strava looks for them it doesn’t see any local thumbnails. If you go to the Photos app and tap on the images you want, iOS will download them again, and Strava will now be able to see the thumbnails.

TIP: if you use iOS’s ‘Low Power Mode’, then your recent images will stay on your phone for longer – or at least ’till you connect to a known Wi-Fi network.

Apple: Managing Screen Time on iOS12 - what I've learned

ScreenTime is Apple’s set of tools introduced in iOS12 to monitor/manage App usage – it’s usually used by parents to try and manage how their kids use Apple devices. At best it works poorly – at worst it doesn’t work at all.

Struggling to manage Screen Time?

Go to protectyoungeyes’s 12 ingenious screen time hacks – there are lots of useful tips for parents on specific issues in administering Screen Time. Also see How to Bypass Screen Time, or How Kids are Hacking Apple’s Control System for a list of steps you can take to make Screen Time more effective.

Of course you’re struggling – Screen Time is complicated.

Screen Time should let you manage app use, accounts, and Settings, and… just about everything. And it’s all lumped together in a very convoluted interface.

Solution: Google is your friend. Search for answers to find the settings you can manage.

Keep your Screen Time passcode safe

The easiest way to bypass Screen Time controls is to find out what the parental passcode is. Change the password frequently, and make sure you aren’t being watched or recorded when you enter your password.

Keep an eye on *your* devices

When your child asks for more screen time, that request is sent to all your iOS devices. If your children get your iPad they can approve their own Screen Time requests.

Screen Time doesn’t (really) work

You can set all the Screen Time settings that you can, but there are dozens of ways kids can get around them – and the older your child is, the more likely they are to either a) know people who know how to get around Screen Time restrictions, or b) search Google and find answers for themselves.

You need to regularly check their phone/app usage to see if they’re getting around your restrictions. When someone has a limit of 30 minutes of YouTube time but has spent 3 hours watching videos, then something’s not right.

Screen Time doesn’t (really) work if you’re using iOS13 and they’re using iOS12

If you’re using Screen Time on iOS13 to manage a device running iOS12 – e.g. if you’re using an iPhone 8 to manage a child with an iPhone 6 – then you’ll find that many of the settings that you toggle on your iOS13 device will not transfer to your child’s phone.

Solution: don’t change their ScreenTime settings on your phone – make them on the child’s phone.

Tech: What to do when you drop your iPhone in the water

1. Swear.

Use your best words. But get it over with quickly – you’ve got work to do.

2. Dry your phone off.

That’s right, get a towel and dry it off ASAP. Is it dead? It probably isn’t.


3. Back it up.

That’s right. Don’t put your phone in a bag of rice or anything like that. While it’s still alive, you need to get your data off your phone as fast as possible.

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Apple: Apple’s $29 iPhone 6 battery replacements are NOT available today, or this year even.

The thing I’ve found most frustrating about Apple’s wee iPhone 6 battery problem is the blogosphere/applefanboy’s willingness to parrot the party line and not think critically.

Techcrunch said yesterday that replacement batteries were now available – however only in the US, and only if they’re in stock at Apple stores.

Which doesn’t help customers in the rest of the world very much. 

Apple: Apple's tone-deaf iPhone 6 battery replacement announcement

When is a replacement programme not actually a replacement programme?

Following a fairly justified public/media backlash about how Apple handles/manages battery life on iPhone 6s, just after Christmas Apple allegedly ‘solved’ the problem with a ‘message to customers about iPhone batteries and performance‘ which ends with an offer to set up a programme to start replacing batteries at a more reasonable cost – starting at the end of January 2018. Continue reading “Apple: Apple’s tone-deaf iPhone 6 battery replacement announcement”

Apple: Baby it's cold outside (aka it's that time of year when iPhone 6 batteries stop working)

For me the sign that autumn is over is when evening temperatures have dropped to the point where my phone battery suddenly dies on the walk home.

I do wonder what the operating window for iPhone 6 batteries actually is*. You can see support threads complaining that the phones don’t work in -5C – which is amazing as my battery life collapses when temperatures drop below 10C…

*Apparently 0C to 35C. 

Apple: Suffering from unexpected iPhone 6s shutdowns?

Apple says iOS 10.2.1 has reduced unexpected iPhone 6s shutdown issues by 80%

If, like me, you’re in the unlucky 20% who find the upgrade to iOS 10.2.1 doesn’t really help., this just means your phone will randomly die less often. The two things that tend to lead to random iPhone deaths are cold weather and listening to Apple Music.

The real solution? Carry along a spare battery back. I’d recommend the Omaker portable charger, but they don’t seem to be available any more.