Tech: Screentime tips for Parents - Managing Music

Screentime is Apple’s parental control tool – in the usual Apple way a whole variety of tools are jammed together somewhat haphazardly, and when it works it’s great and when it doesn’t work it’s impossible to fix.

If you and your child are on different versions of iOS (e.g. if they are on iOS 12.x and you are on iOS13.x), then Screentime may not work as promised/predicted.

The ‘Content and Privacy Restrictions’ sections give you a set of tools for managing content and privacy (as you’d expect), along with a set of general device/account management tools.

If you use iOS 13 and your child uses iOS 12, you might think this setting on your device would control whether they could hear “explicit” or “clean” music – but it often doesn’t work. The settings aren’t always synced between devices.

To make sure your content settings are updated across devices, you now need to go to their device, enter Screen Time settings, enter your passcode, and change their Content Restrictions settings.

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