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Like is a €4.2M Interreg project that I set up in 2015/16 and which finished at the end of 2019. Here's an introduction to the set of magazines which I wrote earlier this year that pull together everything that the LIKE project has learned about building local innovation cultures. These 4 magazines give a good summary of the project and provide an accessible route into Like’s findings, outcomes, and lessons learned.

Nike to stop selling on Amazon

I have been a long-term critic of amazon for a couple of reasons – one is because they don’t contribute enough to cities to cover the actual costs of their business model (a criticism not limited to amazon), and the other because amazon is an increasingly poor customer experience – with more and more counterfeit goods (what percentage of “Apple” products on Amazon are actually genuine apple prodcts? ), an increasingly complicated user/platform interface, and the ‘Prime’ service increasingly isn’t – less and less is available as Prime and ‘Prime’ goods can now take a week plus to be shipped/delivered.

A company spokesperson said the brand was focused on “elevating consumer experiences through more direct, personal relationships.”

As long as Amazon can’t control their sellers – and as a reseller it’s not necessarily in Amazon’s interest to actively control sellers who use their platform – this is the reputational risk Amazon faces.

Amazon is an increasingly bad place for brands to be – particularly if they have alternative distribution platforms.

Source: Nike to stop selling on Amazon | Retail Dive

Recommended: Jocelyn Glei’s newsletter on creativity and work that matters

Three years ago I subscribed to Jocelyn Glei’s bimonthly newsletter. It was recommended somewhere (probably by Tina Roth Eisenberg, aka @swissmiss), and it looked interesting. And like many newsletters, I never read it. Any of it. Ever.

And then I recently made the decision to change how I used email, and to split my email life into “work” and “other” email accounts. And I saw this virtual pile of newsletters, piled up in my ‘new’ work email inbox, just like the pile of unread Esquire magazines on my nightstand.

And I took a look – finally. After three years.

Reader, it is an amazing email. Short, high quality, and infrequent enough not to feel overwhelming.

In Jocelyn’s words:

Twice a month, I publish a newsletter that highlights new ideas about how to be more creative and make time for the work that matters. It’s smart, actionable, and useful.

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