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About me

I’m Dave Fitch, a Programme Director and Consultant based in Edinburgh, Scotland, with more than 15 years’ experience creating, leading and delivering high impact innovation programmes for the public and private sectors.

I work at the intersection of industry, government, academia and data, helping organisations turn ideas into action, and bridging innovation and delivery teams to enable change and deliver real-world impact and innovation at scale.

I make things work, and I make things happen. I develop innovative approaches to complex problems, build the organisational foundations and competencies that programmes and organisations need to scale and to succeed, and build high-performing teams that get things done.

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What I do:

I develop and implement strategic and coherent programmes; work with stakeholders and funders to shape strategies, priorities and delivery models; build, lead and develop teams and individuals; architect robust management, delivery and reporting systems; trouble-shoot systems and programmes; and solve problems.

KPIs, data, reporting, outcomes

If you’re looking for someone to help you with programme design or management, to help you manage and report your results and KPIs, or to help you set up and deliver your transnational/international projects or programmes, then please get in touch.

I’ve substantial experience setting up and working with KPIs, CRMs, and setting up reporting systems that work for clients, services, managers and stakeholders. If you have questions about using data to help deliver programmes or projects, about how I can help you manage reporting, or how you can evidence the delivery of your outcomes give me a shout.

Collaborations and funding

I have more than a 15 years’ experience setting up and supporting large international collaborations, and have raised over £12M of funding for different partners.

My Company

I do contract work and consulting through dere-street services – click here to find out more.