Apple: When is a service bundle worth it? The Apple One edition.

Apple’s new UK bundle options

So Apple announced a service bundle yesterday, packaging up services in an effort to upsell you on their expensive services. As someone who already uses an Apple family music plan and iCloud, none of these are interesting or at all price competitive.

Would I like to pay an extra £9 a month for Apple Arcade and Apple tv+ and News +? No. Would I take them for free at the prices I’m currently paying? No.

As usual though we got the breathless uncritical coverage from the UK media

MTB: Peaty's Tubeless Sealant Review

If you want to use tubeless tyres (i.e. not have to use inner tubes) you usually have to add some form of liquid sealant to stop small leaks etc. Here’s my experience with Peaty’s Tubeless Sealant.


  • Easy to use, quite liquid, easy to clean up
  • Works (eventually) to seal tyre fits, small holes, tears in rim tape etc.


  • Takes a lot longer to seal small holes/punctures than I expected – up to 48 hours
  • Doesn’t seem to stop some slow leaks
  • Seems to be ineffective on sidewall cuts

Overall impressions

Am slightly ambivalent about Peaty’s Tubeless, to be honest. It’s relatively easy to use, but I am not that convinced it is effective.

While it has usually sealy sealed small holes/leaks for me, it has usually been quite slow to do so – i.e. it’s taken days – so am not sure how reliable it will be on the trail.

When I had a slash/cut on a sidewall, it was ineffective.

MTB: Santa Cruz Chameleon test ride

I really wanted to like the Santa Cruz Chameleon… but I didn’t.

It’s light, really stiff, and climbs really well (on tarmac or manicured trail/path). Going downhill was a different story – it was super skittish and the rear end *never* stayed down – felt like I was riding a pogo stick.

Hammond’s Pecan & Caramel Piggy Back

Imagine a giant chocolate turtle and you’ve got Hammond’s Pecan & Caramel Piggy Back. They are huge – half an inch thick, solid, and a real handful. Great taste, great balance of caramel and nuts, great to chew on.

Incredibly hard to find, but worth looking for.

Hammond’s milk chocolate peanut butter cup

This looks like a posh version of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. It’s a huge cup with a massive amount of solid but relatively flavourless chocolate wrapped completely tasteless peanut butter. It’s so solid it’s hard to bite into. And it’s not cheap. So I don’t think I liked it.

Lindt Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts

I really thought this would be better than Lindt’s Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts, which I really wasn’t wild about.

Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s the softest dark chocolate ever (and I thought dark chocolate was usually firm, if not brittle?) and the taste is unpleasant with a not particularly nice aftertaste that I’m struggling to describe. Give it a miss.