Tech: Moving your Sonos isn't quite as easy as you'd expect... (or Sonos vs. corporate WiFi)

Sonos sells itself on not just its sound quality but also on its ease of use. It’s lack of integration with Apple products is a serious weakness when you come to play music, but I found out the hard way that even once you’ve got it set up it’s not quite as flexible as you might think.

Portability, or can you take your Sonos with you?

The big mistake I made was thinking that the Play was portable. It’s easy to carry – which is not the same as being portable. It’s only portable if the wireless network you’re using doesn’t change.

If you’re on a different wireless network at your destination, the Sonos Play own’t be contactable, and you’ll have to plug it into a router via ethernet cable and reconfigure your Play.

What happens if you don’t have access to ethernet?

Then you won’t be able to configure the Play and it can now be yet another thing that you can complain about that should work, but doesn’t.

What happens if you want to use a wifi network that requires a uersname and password?

Well you won’t be using the Sonos Play, that’s what’s what.

So how portable is the Sonos Play?

In practice, it’s not portable at all. If you want a portable music speaker, get a good  Bluetooth speaker.

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