Work: Recommended: Jocelyn Glei's newsletter on creativity and work that matters

Three years ago I subscribed to Jocelyn Glei’s bimonthly newsletter. It was recommended somewhere (probably by Tina Roth Eisenberg, aka @swissmiss), and it looked interesting. And like many newsletters, I never read it. Any of it. Ever.

And then I recently made the decision to change how I used email, and to split my email life into “work” and “other” email accounts. And I saw this virtual pile of newsletters, piled up in my ‘new’ work email inbox, just like the pile of unread Esquire magazines on my nightstand.

And I took a look – finally. After three years.

Reader, it is an amazing email. Short, high quality, and infrequent enough not to feel overwhelming.

In Jocelyn’s words:

Twice a month, I publish a newsletter that highlights new ideas about how to be more creative and make time for the work that matters. It’s smart, actionable, and useful.

Subscribe here.

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